Trail Adventures

                The goal of our k9 Trail Adventures is to provide your pet with additional exercise. Trail adventures are a natural and enjoyable way for your dog to stay fit. Hiking is an excellent means of prevention for several physical and behavioral disorders. The best part is that your pet will benefit from increased endurance, range of motion, improved circulation and obesity control. 

Service Offered:

  • We will pick up your pet and take them on a 3-4 mile (75-120 minute) hike, on harness and leash 

  • Morning hikes, Monday-Friday

  • Rain or shine: postponement may be deemed due to unsafe travel conditions

  • Your pet will get dirty. We will do our best to clean your pet and return in a tidy fashion

  • Only non-aggressive dogs (towards both people and other dogs)

  • Minimum age, 6 months old

  • Rabies vaccination required

  • All Trail Adventure Hikes are on leash. Off leash is by owner request only

  • Let your pup spend a half a day with us! 


Trail Adventures

$40/ Trail Adventure

Sibling Plan $38/ Trail Adventure

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